How To Choose The Right Plush Toys


Children are beloved members of the family, and toys play an important role in their lives by spreading joy among them. Kids love to grab and cuddle up with stuffed animals while sleeping, playing, traveling, or anytime. We all have our own stuffed animals, which may hold a memorable history or important moment. Plush toys are more than just fun games; they also make good friends to grow up with.

Buying safe toys for kids is not as easy as you might think. As parents, we don’t want these toys to fall apart, scratch, or become deformed. Common questions and doubts arise in every parent’s mind while toy shopping. Is this material safe for children to play with? Are there any risks of swallowing? How can you select the right plush toy for your little ones? By following the tips below, you can find the solution on how to choose the right plush toys.

1. Appearance

Appearance is our first impression of a plush toy. A good toy has strict quality control, from design and material selection to production and logistics. The shape of a good plush toy must be vivid, especially the head. The face of a stuffed toy must be carefully crafted by the designer, with simple and clear features that show a range of emotions, from joy to sadness. On the contrary, inferior stuffed dolls may look strange due to their lack of qualified design.

Secondly, due to the rigorous selection of materials and quality control during the production process, a plush toy must be colorful and bright. In contrast, inferior dolls are generally produced using chemicals, which can cause their colors to be dull and easily fade.


After evaluating the appearance, we can get closer to the stuffed toys and smell them. High-quality stuffed toys are made of new fabrics, and the smell is relatively light and neutral. In contrast, low-quality dolls tend to use poor quality stuffing, such as black cotton, which can emit a strong smell. If you accidentally select such toys, they can pose a danger and become ticking time bombs in children’s lives.

3.Consider the Weight and Size

Stuffed animals come in different sizes and weights. Before purchasing toys, you should know the age or the interest of the lucky one who will receive the toy gift. Improperly sized or weighted soft toys can make children uncomfortable. Neither too big nor too tiny, large stuffed animals can be cuddled up with, which provide more comfortable feelings, and also require a larger place to store. Similarly, babies prefer to grasp smaller stuffed animals or hold small stuffed toys anywhere because of their lightweight. Some website stores offer you options.


We can pick up the stuffed toy and begin to touch it with our hands. A high-quality plush toy must be soft, smooth, and comfortable, while inferior quality plush toys may feel tough due to poor workmanship. The soft skin of qualified stuffed toys shall be squishy; kids will reject touching such tough sensation. Gently pressing down on the stuffed toys, if they rapidly rebound to their original shape, it can be concluded that they are good toys. Otherwise, stuffed toys with poor quality may rebound slowly or even stay flat.

5. Seaming

We can check the location of the seams, which are the last step of the stitching process after filling. The needlework of low-quality stuffed toys may be rough and tumble and may even expose the stuffing or have excessive thread ends. A high-quality stuffed animal should not have loose seams. The seaming of well-crafted toys must be neat, without any excessive thread ends, and the stuffing must be sewn smoothly.


Choose plush toys made of washable material. Children are full of energy and are likely to put everything into their mouths. They may throw the toys everywhere, so it is best to wash plush toys regularly to prevent the spread of germs and ensure safety and hygiene. Some plush toys have a zipper at the back, which helps you to take out the stuffed cotton for washing. Look for toys that are easy to clean and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to wash the toy safely.

7. Consider Age and Preference

If you are buying a stuffed toy as a gift, you should consider special occasions and the interests of your children. For example, a teddy bear with a graduation costume is perfect for a graduate. Each toy has its own story, such as Mermaid, Pikachu, Genshin Impact. Choose a cartoon stuffed toy of your child’s favorite movie or TV character. It is amazing to match the stuffed toys with children’s favorite stories. Pick toys that match their preferences and help build their dreams.

graduation teddy bear in doctor cap

8.Educational Value

Purchasing stuffed animals can help children become more acquainted with these creatures. Children are curious about nature, and adorable animal-shaped dolls meet their desire to explore. They treat the stuffed animals as living creatures and love to chat with their owned toys when they are alone, keeping secrets with them.

Psychology research indicates that these behaviors improve creativity and imagination. Plush toys also help young children in role-playing and building social skills. So make sure you pick the right plush toys that have an instructive function.

9.Check for safety features

You should also check for small parts that could pose a choking hazard and ensure that the toy meets safety standards and has appropriate features, such as securely attached eyes and noses, non-toxic materials, and the absence of sharp edges, wires, or long strings that can harm your little one. Check the toys for any small parts that could be swallowed. Safety standards should be indicated on tags or labels. The filling should be clean and non-toxic for children.

In conclusion, when selecting a plush toy, it is essential to consider various factors, including the weight and size, appearance, odor, seaming, and safety features. A high-quality stuffed toy should have a vivid and carefully crafted design, be made of eco-friendly materials, feel soft and comfortable, and have neat seams. We should check for safety features, especially small parts that could pose a choking hazard. If you are looking for the best quality teddy bear online, BunnyHello is the right choice. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that the plush toy you choose is not only adorable but also safe, durable, and enjoyable for the child.

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