Why Are The Octopus So Smart?

Octopus species has always amazed humans, and after years of various research and discoveries have pushed their status to the “altar”, becoming one of the creatures most likely to dominate the earth after human extinction. About their high level of wisdom, it seems that giving examples is unnecessary, I don’t know how to start because of many cases.
Nevertheless, these “jumping genes” are in the status of dormant, they can not be active due to the cyber protection mechanism and gene mutation. Accordingly, “jumping genes” also named “LINE GENE” existed in the human body, and which monitored by the brain, these genes plan a vital part in our learning ability and the memory of the hippocampus.

By far, Can you guess the answer to this topic? Yes, the genes also are available in the octopus.

May 18th, Italy Naples Animal Station co-writer and biologist  Graziano Fiorito published research in BMC Biology magazine showing that there exist many “jumping genes” between the ordinary octopus genome and double spot octopus, through the gene sequencing by him and another research team. This gene exists in the middle of the vertical, it is a secret of the strong learning ability of the octopus.

The research result came by chance, the scientists view that: Although the octopus is totally unrelated to vertebrates, both of them perform similar behavior and neural plasticity, and the difference between the octopus and other mollusks is they can solve new issues and adapt to them, this similarity is probably derived from the gene level.


Therefore, the researcher’s intensive study by accident that there are obviously active in the area of the brain, which is in charge of the plasticity behavior of octopuses, when measured the ” jumping genes ” converted to RNA and clipped to a protein on an octopus, Obviously, the activity of this area have impacted the octopus and changed its behavior to response the different stimulations.

How smart is an octopus brain?

The octopus is a master of camouflage,it can solve complicated tasks,and their cognitive ability is said to approach that of some small mammals.Research has shown that the brain capacity of a giant Pacific octopus is roughly the same as that of a dog.In fact,octopus intelligence is more higher than the dog.octopuses have both short-term and long-term memory. They have been trained to recognize different shapes and patterns and to open jars and boxes using tools. They can also mimic behaviors of other sea creatures


The findings reveal the relations between the high intelligence and the LINE gene of the octopus, showing evidence that ” jumping genes ” play an important role in the process of cognition of living beings, not only having the function of duplicating and pasting.

A new topic comes out from the scientists for this finding: Research on the intellectual development, and the individual variability of one and the same species.

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