Top 12 Saint Seiya Silver Saints Ranked By Power


Saint Seiya is one of the most exciting manga anime to come out of Japan.

For a manga series, the concept of Saint Seiya is unusual. Unlike many other manga series, Saint Seiya is set in Greece rather than Japan.

The young orphan Seiya is sent to Greece to find the famed Pegasus Bronze Cloth and take part in the Galaxian Wars.

If you’re a fan of classic manga, you’re likely aware that we first met Seiya back in 1986. Since then, numerous offshoots have been launched. In 2021, the popular spin-off SAINT SEIYA: Knights of the Zodiac was released on Netflix.

It’s a gripping tale filled with many twists and turns, tempting viewers to binge-watch. The series is packed with interesting characters and sidekicks including the Silver Saints.

Is the story of Saint Seiya and the Silver Saints real?

The interesting thing about this story is that there are many historical accounts of similar adventures. Of course, the mythical flying horse Pegasus will always be associated with Greece.

Looking back at ancient history in general, you find it is packed with exciting historical accounts of knights and saints fighting for a cause. We are mentioning some of them on this page.

One story many of us are familiar with is King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. However, stories like these are found in various parts of Europe and the rest of the world, including Greece.

For now, let’s meet 12 of Saint Seiya Silver Saints.

1 Orpheus of Lyra

With a name like Orpheus of Lyra, you probably think this saint has something to do with music. You are right. Orpheus of Lyra possess the ability to manipulate souls with his music.

In the series, he appears with jet-black hair with blue highlights. His attire is bright blue and with his excellent physique, Orpheus is one of the best-looking saints in the Saint Seiya anime saga.

2 Marin of Eagle

Marin of Eagle is the Japanese Silver Saint who trains Seyia to become a Silver Saint. She lives in the Sanctuary with the other saints and has blue hair. She often appears with a white scarf tied around her waist.

Her two main magic abilities include Red Impulse techniques and the Eagle Toe Flash. 

3 Misty Of Lizard

misty of lizard

This is one of the more interesting saints in Saint Seiya.

Misty has piercing blue eyes and long blonde hair which flows in the wind. He wears a pink outfit accompanied by silver gloves and boots. Misty of Lizard’s ability to create a whirlwind by holding two fingers together comes in useful throughout the series. Furthermore, Misty has the ability to vibrate his hand to create a protective barrier shielding him from attacks.

Misty’s attack and defense are very strong, and he has read through Marin’s fake boxing. He is also very intelligent and not blindly shooting, but he has a narcissistic personality. He is clearly obsessed with his beauty more than his boxing skills. He was defeated by Saint Seiya, took off his clothes, and lay down in the seawater. It is about the salt in the seawater that can keep his skin delicate and rosy.

4 Algoi of Perseus

In Ancient Greek mythology, the art of turning someone into stone seems to have been appreciated. The Medusa could do it by just looking at someone or something.

It appears that Algoi of Persues also has the gift of turning living beings into stone. To do so, he uses his Medusa shield which is his main weapon for attack and personal protection.

Perseus appears in Ancient Greek mythology. If you look at the constellation Cassiopeia on a clear night, you can see him riding Pegasus.

Let’s not forget that he was also the hero who caught the head of the Medusa and used to slay the sea monster Cetus.

In other words, this character originates from Greek mythology and is featured in one of the most exciting manga series.

5 Shaina of Ophiuchus

Shaina of Ophiuchus

Shaina is a female character in Saint Seiya. She fights Seiya on several occasions, proving her ferocious and strong fighting skills..

With her blond hair and striking physique, she is easy to recognize when she appears. Her character is almost always dressed in green leggings and blue shoulder protection panels,just like a knight.

Shaina wears gloves and an eye mask to protect her eyes. As a weapon, she possesses the use of the Thunder Claw. She is also trained in Antares fighting techniques.

6 Dante of Cerberus

Dante of Cerberus is a saint of enormous physical strength. To make him even more powerful, he can use the Hell Fang and Hell’s Gate techniques to his advantage.
He and Capella carried out the mission, cracked Shun’s chain, and threw Shun and Hyoga off the cliff. They were then killed by the arrival of Phoenix Ikki.

He is one of Athena’s Silver Saints and often appears with a spiked ball on a chain. This is a weapon which many researchers believe was used during ancient times in Greece.

Dante hails from Italy. He is instantly recognizable thanks to his blonde hair and blue armoured suit. As one of the most powerful Silver Saints, think twice before you go ahead and take on the formidable Dante of Cerberus.

Did Dante of Cerberus exist in real life? Dante may not only be a manga hero. According to legend, a man by this name was either a gladiator or a Roman legionary.

A tomb attributed to Cerberus was recently discovered in Italy. Interestingly enough, it contained a painting of the three-headed dog mentioned in Greek mythology.

7 Capella of Auriga

Capella of Auriga is one of the fastest of the Silver Saints.

This Greek saint is tall and handsome, seen wearing blue body armor. His brown shoulder-length hair flows in the wind. For protection, he also wears a faceshield together with a very unusual-looking helmet.

What are his weapons? Capella has mastered the Deadly Boomerang and Boomerang Cutter techniques. As the series progresses, you can clearly see he is the master of both techniques.

Did Capella of Auriga exist? The star Capella is certainly very prominent in the Northern Hemisphere during winter evenings.

As with so many other stars named after Greek heroes, there is every possibility a Greek fighter or nobleman named Capella did exist.

Auriga means charioteer. We know the Ancient Greeks used chariots in battle. The name Auriga also has a strong link to another character in Greek mythology called Erichthonius of Athens.

8 Cepheus of Daidalos

Cepheus of Daidalos

Cepheus of Daidalos posses a most unusual power. Using the Star Dust Revolution technique, he can transfer his version of the cosmos to others.

He is the master of Andromeda Shun, with rich combat experience and many disciples. He suspected that the Pope was fake and was defeated by the Pisces Golden Fighter, Abrodi, in a sudden attack.

A testament to his power is that Aphrodite herself is sent to kill him. Does she succeed? You have to watch the anime to find out what happens to Cepheus.

One interesting fact about Cepheus is that he is said to come from Argentina. As far as we know, there was no contact between the South American continent and Greek City states.

According to Greek myth, Cepheus is the embodiment of the the mythical Greek king of Aethiopia. As you may know, the king of Aethiopia was rumoured to the husband of Queen Cassiopeia.

9 Babel of Centaurus

Babel of Centaurus

Greek fire is rumoured to have been a weapon which you did not want to encounter as a warrior. Babel of Centaurus is the master of fire in the Saint Seiya Silver Saints. He has learned the skills to use both Fire Whip and Fire Storm techniques to his advantage.However, thy were restrained by Hyoga’s Diamond Star Dust Fist technique and were defeated.

Babel is a Silver Saint from Iraq. He wears silver armour with spikes protruding from his shoulders. His leggings are red and he wears highly polished silver boots.

Babel is often seen with a mean expression on his suntanned face.

Taking a look at mythology, there is nothing that tells us someone called Babel of Centaurus ever existed. But, we have to look a little closer.

If you are familiar with history, you may have heard of the ancient city of Babel and the Tower of Babel. The Gardens of Babylon are forever associated with Iraq. If they existed anywhere, it is thought they once could be found in this part of the world.

Fire was an important weapon in Babylon. It is not surprising that our hero Babel of Centaurus is rumoured to be from this part of the world.

10 Asterion of Hound

Asterion of Hound

Asterion’s special ability is mind reading, which allows him to instantly see through the opponent’s thoughts and intentions. Together with the constellation Beluga, they go to Japan to monitor Marin. Marin creates a false image of Seiya being killed, but it is recognized and its moves predicted by Asterion. Marin ultimately uses a strong mind defense, making it unable for Asterion to read its thoughts, and is defeated.

11 Moses of Whale

moses of whale

Moses ‘s nationality is New zealand,his mission is to assassinate Seiya in Japan.

. He is a powerful warrior who throws his opponent into the sky with great power and knocks down the Demon Ling, but is defeated by Seiya.

12 Jamian of Crow

Jamian’s skill is to summon crows, adept at reconnaissance and performing special missions. In the manga, he kidnapped Athena’s reincarnation yarn weaving. He originally planned to have a crow group transport Athena back to the Holy Land, and during battles, he used crows to attract enemy attacks, dropping many black feathers and silently attaching them to Saint Seiya until they were completely covered, trapping the opponent. Saint Seiya exploded into the small universe and cracked Jamian’s Black Arrow. Saint Seiya fought hard to scatter the crow flock and dodge the enemy’s surprise attack.


Saint Seiya Silver Saints is certainly different from other Japanese anime.

As it contains many interesting references to ancient history, it has something to teach most of us.Even now,Fans worldwide are enthusiastic about collecting and purchasing dolls and merchandise for animations and comics.

Compared to other manga, the characters are slightly deeper and have more evolved personalities. From the start, we learn a lot of the Silver Saints, Seiya and many of the other characters.

This is a good watch not only for the younger generation. With such a broad appeal, many older and senior adults also enjoy watching SAINT SEIYA: Knights of the Zodiac and the anime series featuring the Silver Saints.

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