K-Pop Group BT21 Characters And Names

Are you a member of the K-Pop Group BTS Army? That is what fans of the group call themselves. 

If you are not, maybe you should be. As far as entertainment goes, BTS is the latest craze to hit the world of K-pop.

Maybe you are already familiar with BTS? That’s great. But are you familiar with their related characters called BT21? 

The BT21 characters are just as much fun as the “real deal” if you know what I mean. As a matter of fact, the BT21 characters have a lot of offer. 

An Introduction To the BT21 

How did it all start? Back in September 2017, the original group teamed up with Line Friends to create a new way for BTS fans to interact with their favorite band. 

The band members spent a day discussing character ideas and coming up with suitable characters for BT21. Of course, they had some help from Line Friends.

The final result was amazing. It heralded a new age for K-Pop culture making it even more fun and vibrant. 

Let’s find out more about the BT21 characters. We know you are going to love them! 


I have to admit this is one of my personal favorite. You see, I have a soft spot for Alpacas – they are just so adorable. 

RJ is the creation of BTS team member Jin. It turns out he likes alpacas as well. 

Jin has been doodling and drawing cute and loveable alpacas for years. Many of the other pop group members say that he looks like one. I would not say so, but there you go. 

RJ is certainly cute often appearing in a parka jacket. 

The alpaca that escaped from yearning for a cold city life,The furry fur is very afraid of the cold,RJ often shiver and enjoy wearing a coat all year round,RJ will show a happy expression when eating.


You just have to love Tata with his huge heart-shaped head. When you look closer, he looks to be wearing blue pyjamas with yellow circles. It is rumoured that he is an alien with special powers. Who knows? 

He was created by V and is one of the most popular BT21 characters. Tata has limbs that can bend and stretch into the most amazing shapes and lengths. You wonder how he does it!

V had been experimenting with drawing different characters for a long time. He wanted something unique and perhaps slightly less cute. 

Then again, who can resist an alien with a star-shaped head? 


If you are into BTS, you probably know who J-Hope is. 

Doesn’t he just remind you of his BT21 character? If you are a fan, you will know that J-Hope is a fantastic dancer. 

So, is his character Mang. The difference is that Mang is a pony. You love him. He is the only pony you are going to come across with a heart-shaped nose. 

His nose makes him super loveable. The word mang in Korean has many different meanings. Most importantly it can mean hope. In other words, Mang and J-Hope are a match made in heaven. 

The true face beneath the mask and his true inner self are both mysteries. Only when dancing will an excited expression appear. He pretended to be cool and disguised himself with a mask and dance. But the real Mang writes sadness in his diary every night before going to bed.


I have a real soft spot for Chimmy. I am a dog lover so you would expect nothing else!

Chimmy was created by Jimin. According to popular belief, Jimin loves soft cuddly puppies. Who doesn’t? 

It is also said that Jimin sees a lot of himself in Chimmy. They both have cute cuddly cheeks which you would simply love to give a squeeze or two. 

Little cute Chimmy has a tongue that always sticks out ,After understanding, you will find that his cuteness, fun, and diligence have been loved by many people.

And he himself was immersed in it, he loved everything about himself, but occasionally thought of his short tail and felt discouraged. When he is in a bad mood, he can play the harmonica.


Have you ever seen a blue koala? 

Thanks to the imagination of RM, you can now finally have your own blue, cuddly koala. 

The problem is that Koya is a bit sleepy. But, does that matter? Despite frequently appearing to be sleeping, one actually suffers from insomnia and often has various thoughts.

When you are as cute as Koya, you can’t really say that this matters at all. This is such a cute character. I think he is one of the cutest cuddliest characters that I have ever seen!

Koya is simply adorable!


The Cooky character was created by Jungkook. 

He is the perfect K-Pop character as this guy has a bit of attitude. If you are looking for a cuddly friend who likes to keep fit – this is the one. 

Cooky is the fittest character in the group. He likes to work out and is proud of his body. A great reminder to all of us that it is important to keep fit.

Adorable appearance, thick eyebrows, and a lovely body. But at the same time, Cooky has a stunning, wild, and beautiful figure. A rabbit with such reverse charm is rude to everyone and even more so to friends.

Cooky is also fond of chocolate chip cookies. Aren’t we all? We can hardly blame him for indulging in a chocolate chip cookie or two!


Let’s be honest – Shooky seems to have a bit of a badass attitude. But then again, under that tough exterior, he probably has a heart of gold. 

Shooky is best friends with Cooky so he must be rather a decent guy. In fact, he is a mischievous child of BT21. Filled with an uncontrollable, quirky personality.

Shooky was created by Suga who based the character on his dog Holly. As we all know, most dogs have hearts of gold. This means Shooky is a good character. 


No lineup is complete with a robot or two!

Van is the robot in the BT21 lineup.  His role is to protect the other members of the BT21. 

He was created by Line Friends designers and is a popular member of the team. 

Van looks simple. You can quickly tell he is a friendly kind of guy. 

The BT21 Story So Far

It is important to have a storyline when you create characters. 

The BT21 team is a bunch of friends aspiring to raise their status in life. 

Tata, our curious alien left his home planet together with Van and saw BTS in concert while visiting our planet. 

Their extraordinary talent impressed and he was inspired to start a rival group, To get started, he recruited the current members. 

You never know what is going to happen in the future. Will the BT21 team continue to grow? As more people discover them, we likely see new character developments. 

Stay tuned and remember to check back to find out what is going on with BT21 and BTS. 

Let’s Wrap It Up

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