Giant Teddy Bear The Best Gifts


Teddy Bear is considered as the most popular soft toys since 20th century. The cuteness features like small noses, round eyes, soft fur and a sweet smile face were a hit with kids and adults alike.

Recently, weighted teddy bears become new trends products in the market.
How to select right teddy bear as a ideal gift? Why do people love giant teddy bear? What does a giant teddy bear mean to children and adults? What is a teddy bear symbolic of?

Hereby list the some guidelines, the articles will let you know the details.

What is the teddy bear a symbol of?

Love without reservation

Originally, President Theodore Rossevelt refused to shoot the wild bear, that inspiring the owner of candy shop Morris Michtom to make stuffed bear. When hugging something soft like Giant Teddy Bear, the pressure will be reduced, due to a stress hormone comes out, it will enhance the positive emotion, do help with the anxiety, make people build up confidence when meet some difficulties of the life. Cuddling up giant teddy bear can give comfort to people in blue feeling, good for mental health.


Children are growing up day after day, they keep loyalty, faith, growth, and happiness,certainly were tempted by the greedy desire, you must protect their innocent soul as adults. Giant teddy bears are incredibly soft and cuddly, it heals the lost and depressed mood.


People are socialized, getting along well with others, you and your friends share the views, talk to each other, do something together and remember the good times. you need to meet the difficulties independently, but sometimes you need help from social network, or you can find a place to calm down, oversized teddy bear makes them perfect for hugging and snuggling, and they can provide comfort and companionship to people of all ages.

Are teddy bears good for Valentine’s Day?

Teddy bears make great and romantic Valentine’s Day gift ideas, and they come in so many different forms and price points.

Giant teddy bears are no different, since they can’t only be a good looking gift, but they can also be extremely cool. The most important features are that they are soft enough to cuddle, but cute enough to put on display. You obviously want to show off a gift from your honey.

What are some tips for washing a giant teddy bear?

1.Remove any loose debris or dirt from the surface of the teddy bear using a soft brush or a lint roller.
2.Fill a tub or sink with lukewarm water and a small amount of mild detergent. 3.Gently swirl the teddy bear in the water to loosen any dirt or stains. Avoid wringing or twisting the teddy bear, as this can damage the fabric or stuffing.
4.Rinse the teddy bear thoroughly with clean water to remove all soap residue. 5.Gently squeeze excess water from the teddy bear, then pat it dry with a clean, absorbent towel.
6.If the teddy bear has any removable parts, such as clothes or accessories, wash them separately according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
7.Allow the teddy bear to air dry completely before replacing any removable parts or displaying it. Avoid placing the teddy bear in direct sunlight or exposing it to high heat, as this can cause fading or damage to the fabric.

Note: If your teddy bear is particularly delicate or has special features, such as electronic components or attached items, it may be best to have it professionally cleaned or to follow the manufacturer’s specific care instructions.

Hand washing

You had better wash your teddy bear by hand, because machine washing may damage the toy shape, wash the giant teddy bear into bathtub or other container, add some neutral detergent cold water to help keep colors from fading, but warm water is a plus in case of heavy stains.

Surface clean

If there are any light stains left on giant teddy bear, We recommend that use surface clean, Scrub the surface , clean with soft brush and neutral detergent by following one direction. You need to care gently, Do not get your toy very wet – just enough water to loosen the dirt.

Machine washing

Put the teddy bear into a laundry bag, zippered pillowcase, which avoid any heavy damage to the soft toys, gentle cycle setting on your washing machine.

Prepare a big towel, and cover the giant teddy bear body, Squeeze slightly to remove excess moisture, dry it on the platform, you can also use hair dryer at the lowest degree. Do not hang out the giant teddy bear under the sunshine for long time, that may result in fading color.

How big should a teddy bear be?

Giant teddy bears come in a variety of sizes, but the most common size is around 39 Inches and four feet tall(around 122cm),Standing at 39 inches tall (around 100cm) It may be difficult for you to carry this item on your own, but an adult can help you move it to a desired location for snuggling..

6-7ft tall teddy bear are also offered in the market, you need to leave enough spaces for placing the jumbo teddy bear in a room. You can also buy teddy bear plush covers,and fill the cotton by yourself.

Where to buy a giant teddy bear?

There are many different types of giant teddy bears available on the market today. Some are designed to look like classic teddy bears, while others are dressed up in costumes or have special features like lighting.

The size of the teddy bear you buy depends on your personal preference and interest. There are many giant teddy bears available for purchase online, ranging in size from very large to small enough to fit in a bedroom.
I bought a big teddy bear for my niece, and she was really happy with the gift. You should firstly explore all the online plush toy store and then choose the one that fits your budget. One more thing, considering purchasing the plush giant teddy bears as they are both cute and made of durable fabric. Bunnyhello offers cheap giant teddy bear, custom teddy bears in bulk.

Also, make sure before buying a teddy bear, you inspect your room because giant teddy bears occupy a lot of space. So ensure you have all things checked before you spend all your money.

When shopping for a giant teddy bear, it’s important to consider the recipient’s age and interests. If you’re buying for a child, you may want to opt for a teddy bear with a fun costume or a playful expression. If you’re buying for an adult, you may want to choose a more classic, sophisticated design.

How do I mail a giant teddy bear?

To line a box with bubble wrap, place the bubble wrap in the bottom of the box and then place your toys inside, starting with the largest ones and working your way down to the smallest ones. You should estimate the delivery time, considering put the drying agents into the packing box.
If necessary,you need to vacuum the package,in order to get minimum volume.


Overall, giant teddy bears are a great gift for any occasion. Whether you’re looking to surprise a loved one with a thoughtful present or just want to add some warmth and cheer to your home, a giant teddy bear is sure to be a hit. So why not consider getting one for yourself or a special someone today? I hope this post about giant teddy bears was helpful!

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