Top 10 Easter Bunny Plush Toy


Are you looking for the easter gift ideas?How to chooose right east bunny plush toy?Hereby, we present our easter bunny plush toys for your Easter basket gift choices!

Unlike other holidays that have a specific date, the date of Easter varies each year. However, Easter does have a standard rule: it falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox.

Since the vernal equinox marks the time when days become longer and nights shorter, symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness, the night of the full moon represents light shining in the darkness. And Sunday, being the first day of the week in the Jewish calendar, is the day when Jesus is believed to have resurrected according to the Bible, signifying the beginning of a new creation. Therefore, this day holds special significance for Christians.

Easter is actually the English name for the spring goddess Eostre in Norse mythology. Ancient believers believed that Eostre could drive away the cold and desolate winter, bringing forth the lively spring. As Easter falls in spring, it is named after Eostre as the English term for the holiday.

Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but it has become associated with Easter eggs and the Easter bunny for various reasons. Eggs symbolize new life and rebirth, which parallels the resurrection of Jesus emerging from the tomb. This association makes eggs a symbolic element of Easter.

As for the Easter bunny, its origin is linked to the Norse mythology spring goddess Eostre. Legend has it that Eostre once saved a wounded bird by transforming it into a rabbit, enabling it to survive the harsh winter. However, the rabbit retained the ability to lay eggs like a bird, and the eggs it laid became known as Easter eggs. This is another traditional origin story for Easter eggs.

So, while Easter primarily commemorates the resurrection of Jesus, the association with Easter eggs and the Easter bunny plush toy has evolved over time through various cultural influences and legends.

1.Weighted Bunny Plush Toy

weighted bunny stuffed animal

  • Cuddly bunny rabbit plushie available in 14 inches and 20 inches sizes.
  • Colors: White and light brown options.
  • Features adorable face expressions,long lopped ears and a round tail.
  • Filled with weighted non-toxic polyethylene beads for steady posing.
  • Perfect for cuddling up and snuggling.

2.Kawaii Bunny Plush Cute Bag of Cherry Blossom Throw Pillow

kawaii bunny plush

  • The Kawaii Bag of Bunny Plush Stuffed Animals is great for cuddling and decor.
  • Add the cute throw pillow with pink or white plush bunnies to your bed or sofa.
  • It creates a relaxing atmosphere in your room.
  • Unzip the pillow to reveal the adorable bunnies inside for extra comfort.

3.Lolita Bunny Plush Toy

lolita bunny plush

  • Available in red, blue, pink, and green colors.
  • Sizes: 8″ and 10″.
  • Material: Faux fur with feather cotton filling.
  • Features lace skirt, hat, and rhinestone-adorned bow tie.
  • Perfect gift for her on occasions like Thanksgiving, birthday, or Valentine’s Day.
  • High-quality polyester fiber construction ensures softness and durability.
  • Irresistibly soft plush toy.

4.Bunny Bamboo Charcoal Bag Plush

stuffed animal bunny

  • Stuffed animal bunny charcoal bag: Ideal for odor absorption or decoration.
  • Perfect for use in the office, bedroom, or car.
  • Adorable design makes it irresistible to touch.
  • Offers companionship and comfort, especially during lonely nights.
  • Relieves stress and anxiety effectively as a comforting cuddle toy.
  • Made of super-soft fabric for maximum comfort.

5.Realistic Bunny Stuffed Animal Kawaii Bunny Plush Rabbit Doll

  • Made from short plush with a weighted bottom.
  • Features removable scarf, hoodie, or vest jacket.
  • Colors: Pink, Grey, White, Brown, Camel.
  • Sizes: 13 inches and 18 inches.
  • Kawaii shape design for added cuteness.
  • Made of high-quality plush with soft, durable simulated fur.
  • Various costume options: scarf, hoodie, or vest jacket.
  • Filled with PP cotton and plastic particles for upright standing.
  • Adorable design with round eyes, small nose, and toes.
  • Perfect gift for bunny rabbit lovers, promoting imaginative play.
  • Helps develop social skills, speech, and creativity in children.

6.Gothic Bunny Plush Toy Skeleton Rabbit Stuffed Animal

Gothic Bunny Plush

  • Premium Workmanship: The Gothic Bunny Plush Toy boasts intricate skeleton patterns, measuring around 24 inches, with superb stitching and embroidery.
  • Cute Long Shaped Pillow: Featuring a black bunny with fiery red eyes and ears shaped like broken hearts, and a purple bunny with hand-drawn facial features and a charming bow hair clip.
  • Versatile Use: These Gothic Bunny Plushes serve as ideal collectibles, photography props, or comforting hug pillows.
  • Gift Selection: Perfect for Halloween, Easter, and Children’s Day, making them excellent gift choices.

7.Shy Rabbit Toys For Kids Girls Gift

stripe mify rabbit

  • Material: Crystal Super Soft Plush with PP Cotton filling.
  • Color options: Pink or Blue.
  • Available heights: 35cm (14 inches) or 60cm (24 inches).
  • Packaging: Comes in an Opp bag.
  • Features full and fluffy filling with a soft, skin-friendly fabric.
  • Comfort Toy: Soft, cozy, and comfortable, ideal for bedtime companionship for kids.

8.Keni Rabbi Bunny Plush Toy

plush bunny

  • Plush Bunny Toy Keni Rabbit available in 2.2lbs and 4.4lbs options.
  • Made from high-quality plush fabric filled with propylene fiber cotton.
  • Adorable bunny wears a striped sweater with Love embroidery.
  • Therapeutic: The weight aids therapists and assists autistic children with social and emotional development.
  • High-Quality Material: Safe, skin-friendly, lump-free plush fabric filled with propylene fiber cotton.
  • Comfort Toy: Helps alleviate anxiety, calms the nervous system; weight varies from approximately 2lbs to 4lbs, sizes ranging from 35″ to 43″.
  • Perfect Companion: Delights children with a smile, perfect for hugging and touching.
  • Room Decoration: Adds charm to living rooms, offices, playrooms, and more.
  • Great Gifts: Ideal for yourself, kids, babies, friends, lovers, girlfriends, boyfriends; suitable for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas.

9.Big Bunny Stuffed Animal

Human Size Grey Bunny Toy

  • Material: Made of non-toxic, high-quality plush, ensuring safety and durability, incredibly soft and comfortable; surface-washable.
  • Comfort Toy: Offers companionship during dark nights, long trips, and stormy weather; aids in anxiety reduction and stress relief, promoting happiness.
  • Best Gifts: Perfect for all ages, adorable presents for kids, toddlers, boys, and girls on Birthdays, Children’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, or any occasion.
  • Functions: Suitable for bedroom, living room, family, or office decoration, adding charm to any space.

10.Hug Raddish Bunny Rabbit Plush

white hug raddish rabbit toy

  • Material: Crystal Super Soft plush with PP cotton filling, ensuring softness and durability.
  • Features soft skin-friendly elastic plush, fluffy filling, and retains shape.
  • This bunny plush features a cute eyes closed appearance, hugging a radish with its hands.
  • Companion: Provides joy and comfort as a cuddly toy made of durable, super-soft fabric.
  • Best Gift: Perfect for kids, toddlers, boys, girls, and all ages on various occasions.
  • Home Decoration: Suitable for enhancing the decor of bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and more.


With its endearing design featuring a bunny hugging a radish, it’s not just a toy – it’s a heartwarming companion that brings joy to both children and adults alike. Perfect for birthdays, holidays, easter day or any occasion, it’s the ultimate gift that will be cherished for years to come.

Transform any space into a cozy haven with this versatile plush bunny. Whether it’s adorning a bedroom, living room, or office, its enchanting presence adds a touch of whimsy to any environment.

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