The Best Teddy Bear Museums Around The World


If you love teddy bears as much as I do, you should visit a teddy bear museum.  But are there more than one?

There are teddy bear museums in almost every country. Perhaps the most famous teddy bear museum in the world is the Steiff Teddy Bear Museum in Giengen an der Brenz, Germany.

Teddy bears have an amazing history. When you visit a teddy bear museum, you soon realize there is more to teddy bears than meets the eye.

The history of teddy bears is as fascinating as the cuddly creatures themselves. Exploring a teddy bear museum unveils layers of history and craftsmanship that often go unnoticed.The Steiff company was not the first company to make teddy bears and plush toys.

Teddy bears have been made for many years. Before larger companies started to manufacture, plush teddy bear toys, teddy bears were often made by private individuals.

The early teddy bears were not made from soft plush fur or other soft materials. Instead, they were often made from cotton materials or knitted.

No one can pinpoint where and when the trend of making teddy bears from plush was started. However, many believe it first started in Germany.

I love teddy bears, and when I am on vacation, I take the opportunity to visit teddy bear museums in the country I am in.

Are Teddy Bears Museum Free?

There are a few teddy bear museums you can visit for free. However, they may not be that great. Then again, there are some passionate private collectors. If you visit a private teddy bear museum that doesn’t charge, make sure you leave a donation or tip.

Looking after teddy bears and keeping them in good condition takes a lot of work. That is why most teddy bear museums charge an entrance fee.

A ticket to the Steiff Teddy Bear Museum costs 12 euros. But, you can spend all day there and even have lunch with Steiff teddy bears in the Knopf cafe. Having coffee with the bears and other Steiff creations is a wonderful experience.

If you can’t make it to Germany, you can visit other teddy bear museums. Let’s take a look at the best teddy bear museums in the world.

The Best Teddy Bear Museums in The World!

Belgium Teddy Bear Museums

Belgium is another country you must visit when you like teddy bears.

Handmade teddy bears have been made in Belgium for a long time. Just like Germany, Belgium has a long tradition of making collectable teddy bears.

Belgium teddy bears are not as famous as Steiff bears, but the country certainly has a rich tradition of teddy bears and cuddly toys.

Don’t forget Belgium is also well-known for its fine chocolate and candy. Why not enjoy a chocolate teddy bear on your visit?

Here’s the best teddy bear museum in Belgium.

Musée du Jouet,
Rue de l’Association,
2400 Brussels

goed Museum,
Nekkersoel 21 2800

Austria Teddy Bear Museums

Can I find a new cuddly friend in Austria? Yes, you can. There is a teddy bear museum in Salzburg, Austria.

There was a teddy bear museum in the capital Vienna. Unfortunately, it is now closed. A shame because it had an interesting collection of teddy bears.

Burgerspitalgasse 2,
A-5020 Salzburg

Germany Teddy Bear Museum

As mentioned, the ultimate teddy bear museum in Germany is the Steiff Museum. But, if you can’t get there, there are three others. Steiff is perhaps a more commercial museum when compared to the others.

Steiff Teddy Bear Museum
Margarete-Steiff-Platz 1,
89537Giengen an der Brenz

Sonnegasse 8
5401 St. Goar
Spielzeugmuseum in Alten Rathaustrum
SSammlung Ivan Steiger
Marienplatz 15 8000

Berni Brumm’s Teddymuseum
Hauptstrasse 98
87 Leiderbach

Deutsches Puppen – und Barenmuseum
Sonnegasse 8
5401 St. Goar

Spielzeugmuseum in Alten Rathaustrum
SSammlung Ivan Steiger
Marienplatz 15

Teddymuseum Klingenberg
W. und R. Koenig
In der Altstadt 7
63911 Klingenberg/Main

Netherlands Teddy Bear Museum

Once you have seen the canals and the tulips, you should check out the toy museum in Oosterhaut. This interesting museum is not only home to teddy bears. It also houses an excellent collection of toys.

 Käthe Kruse was a Dutch doll maker who also made other toys including teddy bears.

The dolls on display are also worth seeing. The attention to detail is amazing. From a historic prospect, this is a very interesting museum.

Käthe Kruse Poppenmuseum

Binnenhaven 25

1781 BK Den Helder


Sint Vincentiusstraat 86

4901 GL Oosterhout

Switzerland Teddy Bear Museum

Switzerland is about more than chocolate and the Sound of Music. Teddy bears have long been part of the Alpine landscape.

When visiting Switzerland, you find many quirky and fun museums. If you like teddy bears, there are two museums you have to visit.

It is also worth noting that Switzerland has many small manufacturers of teddy bears. Don’t be surprised if you come across small shops making teddy bears.

Steinenvorstadt 1
CH-4051 Basel

Toy Museum in Wettsteinhaus
Baselstrasse 34
4125 Riehen, Switzerland

Just a note. Switzerland has a long history of toy making. Look out for teddy bear shops in small alpine villages. You can take home some really special friends when you visit Switzerland.

The United Kingdom Teddy Bear Museum

The United Kingdom is made up out of four nations: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

As you probably know, the UK has a rich tradition of famous teddy bears.

First of all, you have Winne the Pooh, Edward the Bear and Paddington. 

A fantastic place to go shopping for bears in the UK is Oxford. Getting to Oxford is not difficult.

Head to the aptly named station Paddington and jump on the train to Oxford. It takes less than an hour to get. This means you can return to London on the same day.

If you would like to own your own Edward the Bear, all you have to do is head to the world-famous department store Harrods. Edward the Bear has made Harrods his home.

On occasion, you also find Paddington visiting Harrods. Don’t forget to say hello.

Harrods teddy bears are quickly becoming collectable. In particular, Harrods Millenium teddy bears are worth a lot of money. Look closely at a Harrods teddy bear and you will notice they seem to have individual expressions.

Another great place for teddy bears in London is Hamlyns. This is London’s leading department store. Liberty’s also sells bears.

If you like to see some Royal bears, head straight for the Victoria and Albert Museum.

List of teddy bear museums in the United Kingdom:

The Bear Museum
38 Dragon Street
Petersfield, Hampshire GU31 4JJ

Bears & Friends
41 Meeting House Lane
The Lanes, Brighton
East Sussex, BN1 1HB

The Bear’ Loft
Abbey Dore Court Gardens
Abbey Dore
Nr Herford, HR2 0AD

Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood
Cambridge Heath Road
London, E2 9PA

The British Bear Collection
The Rhodyate Lodge
Banwell Castle
Banwell, Somerset BS29 6NR

The Bournemouth Bears
Old Christchurch Lane
Bournemouth, BH1 1NE

Broadway Bears Museum
76 High Street
Worcs., WR12 7AJ

The Golden Cross
Wixford Road
Ardens Grafton,
nr. Bidford-on Avon, Warwickshire, B50 4LG

Ironbridge Toy Museum
The Square
Ironbridge, Shropshire, TF8 7AQ

Lakeland Motor Museum
Holker Hall,
Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria LA11 7PL

Midland Good Bears,
40 Fairfax Road
Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B75 7JX

The Museum of Childhood
Bangor, 15A Central Avenue
Bangor, Co. Down, Northern Ireland

Museum of ChildhoodEdinburgh
42 High Street
Edinburgh, EH1 1TG

Museum of Childhood Memories
1 Castle Street
Beaumaris, Anglesey,
Gwynedd, LL58 8AP

The Cotswold Teddy Bear Museum
76 High Street
Broadway. Worcester WR12 7AJ

Pollock’s Toy Museum
1 Scala Street
London W1P 1LT

Scotland’s Teddy Bear Museum
The Wynd Melrose
Roxburghshire, Scotland, TD6 9PA

The Dorset Teddy Bear Museum
Eastgate, corner of High East St. & Salisbury St.
Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 1JU
Tel: +44 (0) 1305 266040

Ribchester Museum of Childhood
Church Street
Ribchester, Lanchester PR3 3YE

The Teddy Bear Museum
The Polka Theatre
240 The Broadway
Wimbledon, SW19

The Toy Emporium
79 High Street
Bridgnorth, Shropshire, WV16 4DS

Toy & Teddy Bear Museum
373 Clifton Drive North
Lytham St Annes Lancashire FY8 2PA
Tel: 01253 713705

The Wareham Bears
Wilton House,
The Estate Office,
Wilton, Salisbury, SP2 0BJ

Teddy Melrose
The High Street,
Melrose, Roburghshire TD6 9PA

Teddy Bear Museums In China

ChengDu Teddy Bear Museum
No.299 JInhu Road,WenJiang District,
JinMa Town,ChengDu City,SiChuan Province,China

The Teddy Bear Museums of China is located in WenJiang District,Cheng Du city,Sichuan Province,is the largest teddy bear museums in the worldwide.

The museum has been open to the public since 2012, covering an area of approximately 20,000 square meters. It not only collects around 1000 limited edition teddy bears from around the globe but also aims to create a joyful atmosphere. The museum comprises three floors, featuring attractions such as the 3D Teddy Bear Cinema, Interactive Teddy Bear Area, Riverside Park, Waterworld, and various recreational infrastructures. One of the main highlights is the presence of 12 Teddy Bear Themed Museums.

chengdu teddy bear museum

chengdu teddy bear museum-2

Another teddy bear museums in china is Haikou,The Teddy Bear Museum Haikou has a building area of 3140.25 square meters,an affilliated branch of Teddy Bear Museum Jeju Korea,main theme is about The Belt and Road,exhibited 28 the country around the silk road,and tell the culture story between China and other country,You can browse through Teddy Bear History Exhibition Hall,Arti Exhibition Hall,LV Teddy Bear Exhibition Hall,Aquarium Exhitibiton Hall,Children’s Park,Teddy Bear Gift Shop.

Hainan Teddy Bear Museum
Guanlanlake mall,Yangshan Road,
Longhua District,Haikou City,Hainan Province

haikou teddy bear museum

haikou teddy bear museum-2

King Louis XIV Teddy bear

Teddy Bear Museums in The United States

The United States is a great place to visit when you like to see teddy bears.

Of course, the term teddy bear is derived from the United States in the first place. It was President Theodore Roosevelt who gave his nickname “Teddy” to the modern teddy bear.

Before that, teddy bears were simply called toy bears. We have to be grateful to President Teddy. It is one of the best claims to fame in the world.

The United States is a huge country. Travelling around is challenging. Unless you are very dedicated, you are not going to have the opportunity to visit all American teddy bear museums during one visit.

The best idea is to visit the teddy bear museums in the part of the United States you are visiting.

Are All American Teddy Bear Museum Large?

We all associate the United States with larger-than-life buildings and stores. However, not all of the teddy bear museums in the US are not large. There are some smaller more intimate ones.

Just like the larger ones, they are well worth a visit.

Teddy bear museums in the United States are spread out right across the country. Many often have special events. Before you travel, check out the website of the museum you are planning to visit.

You never know, they may be having a teddy bear picnic. If so, bring your own teddy bear along.

Teddy Bear Museums In the United States

Susan Quinlan’s Doll and Teddy Bear Museum and Library
122 W Canon Perdido St
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
T: 805-730-1707

New York
Margaret Woodbury Strong Museum
1 Manhattan Square
Rochester, New York, 14607

The Doll and Toy Museum of New York City
280 Cadman Plaza West
Brooklyn Heights, NY
T: 718-243-0820

The Strong Museum
1 Manhattan Sq.
Rochester, NY 14607

The Toy and Miniature Museum of Kansas City
5235 Oak Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64112
T: 816-333-2055

Wenham Museum
132 Main Street
Wenham, MA 01984

Visiting museums in the United States is relatively cheap. If you are looking for an activity which does not cost a lot, visiting toy museums is a great idea.

What About Asia?

Teddy Bear Museums In Asia

Teddy bears are popular all around the world. It is easy to think it is only children in the West who play with teddy bears.

That is not true. Many children in Asia including in China, Japan and Korea like to their teddy bears. Although K-pop culture is at its height in Korea, not all young people favour K-pop. Many still like their teddy bears.

Asia is also a fantastic place to buy teddy bears. If you are looking for well-made teddy bears and plush toys, China is a fantastic country to visit.

You can find teddy bears and other quality toys in Chinese toy stores and specialist stores.

If you are visiting Japan, there are a few teddy bear cafes around.

If you have ever been to Japan, you know there is a cafe for almost anything. You can visit anything from cat cafes to owl cafes.

Japanese theme cafes are a great deal of fun for the entire family but especially for the younger members of the family.

Are they expensive? Compared to many other activities you can do in Japan, cafes are relatively inexpensive. A cafe visit creates a unique memory and insight into an exciting culture.

If you are in Asia, here are a few teddy bear museums you simply must visit.

Hong Kong
Teddy Bear Kingdom in Tsim Sha Tsui
P1-P2, The Amazon
12 Salisbury Road
Tsim Sha Tsui

Japan Teddy Bear Museum in Izu & Hakone Izu Teddy Bear Museum
1064-2 Yahatano, Ito City
Shizuoka, Japan

Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju Island
Chungmoon Travel Complex
Jeju Island

Terra Cotta Warriors Teddy Bear

Jeju Island Teddy Bear Museum

Cheju Teddy Bear Museum
Seoul, Korea


Are there teddy bears living in Thailand?

Yes, you can find resident teddy bears in Thailand. Just like in Australia, the first teddy bears arrived in Thailand with early Western settlers.

Today, teddy bears are still popular in Thailand.

Head to Pattaya, Thailand if you would like to meet over 1,000 cuddly toys including teddy bears.

The Teddy Bear Museum has a 5-star review. It seems both adults and children love the teddy bear museum in Pattaya.

The museum is divided into 12 areas, including Inca Empire, Dinosaurs, Fossils, Africa, Thailand, Underwater World, Eskimos, Christmas Village, Space, Fairy Tales, China, and Europe.
Each area is designed according to an independent theme, with realistic lighting, color, and sound effects. On weekends, there are also exciting teddy bear performances in the fairy tale area.The tourists can shop for special souvenirs, such as giant teddy bears, keychains, and realistic stuffed animals, to bring and share joy with their friends.

thailand teddy bear museum

teddy bear museum in Pattaya

Singapore also has a teddy bear museum. It is called the Mint Museum and is located on Seah Street. A lovely museum which suits all age groups.

Australian Teddy Bears Museum

What about teddy bears in Australia?

As a matter of fact, teddy bears have a rich history in Australia. The early settlers to Australia brought the first teddy bears to Australia.

You can find many well-preserved examples of teddy bears and other vintage toys in Australia.

The Western Australian Museum is a fantastic location to visit when you are in Australia. Not only do you get the opportunity to see classic vintage toys.

You also get an insight into what life was like for the children of Australian settlers. It is one of the most interesting museums in Australia. If you can, you should try to visit. You can learn many interesting things about the history of Australia.


Which Is the Best Teddy Bear Museum in The World?

It is hard to say. One thing is for sure, the teddy bear museum in Pattaya is certainly unique.

Many teddy bear lovers see the UK, especially England, as the home of the teddy bear. Yes, there are some great teddy bear museums in the UK.

The same is true of the United States.

If you are a true teddy bear lover, there is one teddy bear museum you mustn’t miss out on. That is the Steiff Teddy Bear Museum in Germany.

One word of warning when it comes to the Steiff Teddy Bear Museum. It has a very nice gift shop which is very tempting. Just be aware it is very expensive.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities for visiting teddy bear museums around the world.If you are not satisfied with the list of teddy bear museums, try finding the answer from teddy bear bloggers.

Before you head off to some slightly obscure location, make sure you contact the museum.

A few smaller museums are not always open. It is best to plan in advance and ensure the museum you are planning on visiting is open.

At the same, check if the museum has any special events. It may cost slightly more to take part in an event. But, wouldn’t it be fun to say you have been to a Teddy Bear’s picnic in Thailand or Japan?

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