How to clean stuffed animals&plush toys

Cleaning stuffed animals&plush toys in the right way that lasts for usage. Follow the instructions to clean and maintain the plush toys. Normally, if the dirt is not obvious, you’d better wipe out dust with a piece of dry cloth that had been dipped into detergent for a while.

Stuffed animals&plush toys with mechanical parts, electronic components or metal can only be spot cleaned, Follow the below tips that help you tidy the kids’ stuffed animals&plush toys efficiently.

Check for washing label

If your plush toys have care instructions on the tag, use those instructions to help you decide whether to use the washing machine, or hand washing only for spot-treat stains.

Salt cleaning

Put stuffed toys into a big enough plastic bag, fill some salts into the bag, tighten the bag top, Shake it fiercely for a moment, then take the toys off, you can see the surface of the toys get darken with salt granules, which indicated toys be cleaned. Use a soft brush or dry cloth to wipe off the salt granules with stains.

Machine washing

Most stuffed animals can be washed in the washing machine, but we’ll also share how and when to hand-wash them. First, we’ll walk through how to wash stuffed animals&plush toys in the washer, making it easy to do as often as needed.

Be sure to look for the manufacturer’s washing instructions by checking the care tag when deciding if machine washing is the best option.

Put the toys into the washing machine after you understand the wash label attached to the stuffed toys. In order to prevent the color fading of plush toys, it would be better to wash plush toys with different colors separately. Do not bleach the stuffed animals&plush toys in any case. Some washing powder contains the fluoresce that fades the color. even broke up the fibers’ strength. That will result in the deformation of stuffed toys after incorrect washing tips.

Washing will be much easier if you soak plush toys in detergent for a spell beforehand, for high-end toys, wash them in warm water (30℃ – 40℃) so that their plush won’t be damaged. Machine drying is O.K. for some stuffed aniamls&plush toys, though it’s not always the best option because many plush toys have glued-in or plastic parts that may be torn by the heater.

Hand wash

stuffed animals&plush toys

Fill a bucket or sink with enough cold water to submerge the stuffed toys, hand washing is the best way to wash not even toys such as Teddy Bear, human-sized stuffed bunny toys, and plush pokemon series. Gently squeeze the stuffed animals&plush toys with the neutral detergent. You can decide to use cold water or hot water in the right temperature range in accordance with the care tag. Some delicate plush toys shall be soaked for less time to avoid damaging the fiber.

Air dry

After washing the toys, you need to help remove moisture, you can roll them in a clean dry towel first. Push out as much water as you can. Allow the toy to air dry, using the lowest heat setting on a hairdryer to fluff up the stuffed animals&plush toys if necessary.

Exposure under the sun, hang out the toys, and make it dry naturally if necessary. Tap it and form the shape till the toys seem to be fluffy

In general, you can choose the above washing steps for your stuffed toys, kids’ toys are always messy and easy to be contaminated by stains or dust everywhere, so cleaning and tidying stuffed toys timely will keep a healthy life, it is very important to insist on cleaning especially in pandemic virus times. Pursuing a better life is the entire human goal.

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