What Is the Main Filling Material Of Stuffed Animals

1.PP Cotton

The main composition is polypropylene fiber,PP cotton is a type of synthetic chemical cotton fiber,there are two kinds of Pp cotton,one is ordinary fiber,another is hollow 3D fiber,its features resilience,fluffy,smooth touch,thermal property.Pp cotton does not contain chemical irritants such as formaldehyde and fluorescent agents. Therefore, factories often use it as a filling material for plush toys, pillow cores, and other items.Pp cotton is washable,but PP cotton can easily deform or clump over time.

2.3D Pp Cotton

The product has the advantages of being lightweight, delicate, soft, providing good thermal insulation, and being resistant to deformation. Hollow PP cotton costs more than ordinary PP cotton.

3.Silk Cotton

Silk cotton, also known as hollow cotton, is made from ultra-fine fibers, giving it an appearance similar to feathers. It possesses advantages such as lightweight, delicacy, softness, good thermal insulation, and resistance to deformation. Manufacturers frequently use it as a filling material for down coats, ski-wear, and plush toys. Silk cotton has a low production cost but cannot withstand prolonged washing. In everyday life, it is common to encounter down jackets shrinking or losing elasticity after being washed.we often experience down jackets shrinking or losing elasticity after washing.

3.Washable Cotton

Washed cotton is made from cotton as the raw material. Through special treatment, the fabric achieves a softer color and luster, a softer texture, and a slightly wrinkled appearance that gives it an aged look. It has the advantages of being resistant to deformation, fading, and not requiring ironing.

4.Polyethylene Pellets

These synthetic pellets are popularly used on a finished toy because they’re soft and lightweight. Plus, they won’t degrade as much over time.These small plastic pellets are often used as a weighted filling to give stability and a bean bag-like feel to the Weighted stuffed animal.

These are some of the most commonly used fillings for stuffed animals, but there may be other specialized materials used depending on the specific requirements or desired characteristics of the toy.There are several eco friendly soft stuffing alternatives made from bamboo, corn and soy.

In general, the majority of plush toys produced in China comply with international market trends and safety standards for filling materials. Plush toy manufacturers are committed to developing new materials and applying them in plush toy design and production.

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