Warm tips: Maintaining Your Plush Toys

Plush toys are beloved by children and adults alike, but they require proper maintenance to keep them in good condition. Here are some tips to help you care for your plush toys:

1.Keep the room neat,and avoid dust as little as possible , use clean, dry, soft tools to clean the surface of toys frequently.

2.Avoid sun expose for a long time, and air dry the toys inside and outside.

3.Cover the high possible worn place of parts with tape,soft wash by washing machine ,sun dry,and hang out.meanwhile,slap slightly the toys,make it soft and fluffy.Find out the filling seam for large size plush toys,cut the seam thread,take out the stuffed cotton,clean the plush cover,air dry it,and refill the cotton into the plush skin,reshape,sew the seams.

4.Fetch out the batteries,any electric components,prevent water damaging as for electronic plush toy,intelligence toy.

5.Comb the fur along with one side,make the plush toy smooth and good shape.

6.Check if the stuffed cotton is clean,inferior quality filling cotton can cause harzards ,spread bacteria.

7.Twist the eyes,nose,mouth,check whether they are sturdy,and comply with for the quality regulation,through the pull force test,make sure without falling off the small parts.

8.Disinfectand and clean the plush toys periodically.

9.Use the large power steam iron to press the plush skin softly repeatedly,reduce the stain and eliminate germs.

10.Washing tips,hand wash or machine wash the small toys,while dipping into 30-40℃ warm water,it is better to with neutral detergent.The cashmere detergent is suitable for long plush toys.Spot clean the big size plush toys such like giant teddy bear with small brush.

11.Do not discard the box or plastic bag when you receive the plush toys,which can be for storage with function of dustproof.In wet regions,Put the dry agent to prevent toys against moisture,Store the stuffed toys avoid overloading,deformation damage.

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