Top 10 Most Popular Character In GenShin Impact

Genshin Impact has released nearly 60 characters from its launch until now. Which ones are the most beloved by players? Who is the most popular character?Now,more than 100,000 players have participated in the survey. Let’s take a look at the latest results.



Kaedehara Kazuha is a character introduced in version 1.6 and plays a significant role in the Inazuma region’s main storyline. With the help of the Electro Archon’s vision, Kazuha took on the formidable challenge of facing the Raiden Shogun in the ‘Unreconciled Stars’ event, a memorable moment that left a lasting impression on many players. The data also shows that there is a substantial number of players who have a strong liking for Kaedehara Kazuha.



Ganyu, as the secretary of the Liyue Qixing, is a true workaholic. With her Kylin heritage, she exudes an elegant, beautiful, and noble aura, and her gentle and soft-spoken nature has endeared her to a great number of players. She is undoubtedly a beloved character in the game.



The character Xiao, also known as the ‘Demiurge,’ is a character with a fearful yet heart-wrenching backstory. Xiao is known as the ‘Demon-Subduing Great Sage’ and is one of the five Yakshas who signed a contract with the Geo Archon to protect Liyue. However, Xiao is plagued by karmic debt and endures significant suffering. In version 2.7, players get to learn more about Xiao and the other Yakshas’ past through the storyline in the Chasm. It’s evident from the popularity rankings that Xiao has become a highly beloved character since their introduction.

7.Yae Miko

yae miko

Yae Miko can be considered one of the most important characters in the Inazuma storyline. Not only did she assist the Traveler in training to defeat the Raiden Shogun, but she is also frequently mentioned in various side quests, such as Gorou’s invitation. In version 3.2’s Fungus event, Yae Miko also made her presence felt in the realm of Teyvat. Yae Miko is a character with a unique personality, exuding a mature and alluring vibe, often referred to by players as the ‘Seductive Fox.’ Despite some initial controversy over her power level when she was first introduced, this hasn’t stopped many players from casting their votes in favor of Yae Miko as their favorite character.

6.Kamisato Ayaka

kamisato ayaka

Many players have been waiting for Kamisato Ayaka since the game’s closed beta, and their anticipation finally culminated with the release of the grand storyline in version 2.0, aptly titled ‘The Divine Guest.’ Shenhe, or Miss Genshin, is the young lady of the Shen clan in the Inazuma region, and she is also known as the ‘White Heron Princess.’ Hailing from a prestigious family, she possesses remarkable beauty and impeccable virtue. Shenhe is highly skilled in various arts, such as music, chess, calligraphy, and painting. When interacting with the Traveler, she doesn’t exhibit any haughty behavior, which is one of the reasons many players love her.



Tartaglia, introduced in version 1.1, has maintained consistently high popularity since his debut, particularly among many female players. Tartaglia is a highly individualistic character, known for his independent and unyielding nature. He is someone who always follows through on his words and is not easily swayed by others. Moreover, his warmth and affectionate side, especially when it comes to his loved ones, make him even more charming.



Yoimiya, ranking fourth in popularity among all characters, is undeniably a highly beloved character. In the storyline, Yoimiya is portrayed as an adorable ‘energetic girl,’ known for her candid, lively, and open-hearted personality. She enjoys playing with children and exudes a very cheerful and inspiring presence. This is likely one of the reasons why so many players love Yoimiya.


raiden shogun

The popularity of Raiden Shogun is unbelievable quite high, as evident to all. As a character introduced in version 2.1, Raiden Shogun’s initial banner generated immense excitement and quickly gained massive popularity. Raiden Shogun is nearly impeccable in both appearance and strength, making her an expected choice for high popularity.



Hu Tao has remained a fixture in the top three of the popularity rankings. Despite her role as the 77th Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, she possesses a whimsical and mischievous charm rather than an air of solemnity. What’s more, her engaging dialogue and exceptional voice acting, particularly by her voice actress, Toudou Naoko, make Hu Tao unforgettable. Her rendition of the ‘Fluttering Sounds’ tune is incredibly catchy too.



Nahida is the ‘Little King of Lucky Grass’ in Sumeru. Since her initial appearance, Nahida has progressively surprised players, with her character design, skill effects, personality, and storyline making her more and more appealing. Especially with the recent Sumeru storyline, it’s likely that players are still excited about her. It’s no surprise that she currently holds the top position in popularity in the current version.

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