Muscle Man Plush Pillow


Soft plush muscle man pillow, 50*70cm, ideal for lumbar support, cuddling, and sensory relief. Perfect Valentine’s or anniversary gift for her.


Materials:Soft Plush
Filling Fabric:Propylene  Fiber Cotton
Size 50*70cm

[Hug Pillow]
This Muscle Man Plush Pillow is made with 100% soft plush,soft to the touch.
It can be used as a lumbar support, hug pillow, backrest, for sleeping and cuddling.

[Sensory Fidget]
Strong muscle shape without deformation,lifelike design.
Soothing for feelings of unease and restlessness.

[Gifts For Her]
Perfect gifts on Valentine’s day,wedding anniversaries,providing a sense of security and companionship.

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