Halloween Party Near Me In Shang Hai 2023

This year’s Halloween in Shanghai exuded the spirit of the Olympics.

I deeply realized that when you give Shanghai a Halloween, it gives humanity back five thousand years. Spending over a thousand to go to Universal Studios to see ghosts, it doesn’t compare to the authentic experience on the streets of Shanghai for free.It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such pure joy.

Civilizations from both inside and outside the universe, the boundaries between East and West, and the borders between humans, gods, and ghosts are all shattered here.Shanghai’s Huaihai Road and Julu Road have turned into fashion runways for a myriad of big shots these days.

Revelers don various extravagant costumes and take to the streets. I heard that last night, there were too many people on Julu Road, and it was temporarily closed and couldn’t be entered.Shanghai’s young people don’t bother with the childish antics of trick-or-treating on Halloween, nor do they dabble in the inexplicable world of pumpkin lanterns. They skillfully grasp the essence of ‘costuming’.

They have creatively localized Western holidays, revitalizing what were once outdated festivals and infusing them with new energy that belongs to the Chinese people.

Anlingrong, the COSER, made her appearance on a fishing boat, veiled and holding a lotus flower, with Baojuan holding an umbrella behind her.

Anlingrong Coser

The Black and White Impermanence COSERs are cosplaying characters from Chinese folklore who are responsible for delivering people to the underworld.

The Black and White Impermanence Coser

This Cosplayers costumed roadblocks, now that’s a really imaginative ideas!

 roadblocks cosplayer

At times like these, many people will come to a deeper realization that the soul of a city is never just its dazzling neon lights and countless skyscrapers, but rather the people who live in this city. It’s the ability of these people to find joy in adversity, their genuine warmth, their diversity, inclusivity, and the vibrant and rebellious spirit of life, no matter how tough things may be.

Cosplayers of demons and Tang monks from Journey to the West

Budda And Ultraman

Halloween has evolved from a traditional folk holiday into a global entertainment celebration. People no longer just seek to ward off evil and avoid ghosts but celebrate this holiday through diverse means such as costumes, music, dance, and more.For adults, it’s even more about pure entertainment and relaxation.Young people express themselves through cosplay, playing with entertainment memes,that is source of living energery.

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