Chainsaw Man – Top 10 Characters

Chainsaw Man is by far one of the biggest sleeper hits of the fall 2022 anime season, and it’s not even close. Created by the mastermind Tatsuki Fujimoto, this manga series has sawed its way into the hearts of readers with its action-packed storyline, quirky characters, and unexpected twists. When I say this franchise is unhinged, it really is, and the characters are what make it so. Chainsaw Man is defined by its cast of whacky characters, and there is nothing more fun than to rank them down.

So, let’s talk about the best characters in Chainsaw Man, here are the top ten Chainsaw Man characters in Season 1!

10. Reze


First up on the list is a character that was barely there in Season 1, in fact, the series ended with a hint to Reze finally making an appearance in the series in the next season. Reze is a character that is currently shrouded in mystery, and I would never ruin that mystery for any of you, but if there is something I can talk about with Reze, it’s that she is a menace. She is one of those characters that will enter the series and completely change the pace of the storyline.

Reze’s character has a huge influence on Denji, specifically bringing out his romantic side and annihilating his emotional side. Her mysterious past and connection to Denji make her a captivating character, not to mention her killer (pun intended) fashion sense. She’s the kind of character who keeps you guessing, wondering what her next move will be.

9. Pochita


Pochita was Denji’s only friend, his only pet, and perhaps the cutest devil we’ve ever seen in the history of anime. Pochita and Denji used to be a devil hunting duo for the Yakuza before things went sour with that whole organization. After that, Pochita became a part of Denji to save him from death, now Pochita lives inside of Denji, being a part of his entire personality.

The two occassionally have conversations where we get to learn a lot about Denji through Pochita’s point of view. In fact, if Pochita wasn’t there, Denji would have been long dead, and he would have never become Chainsaw Man. I think he might have starved to death ages ago because he wouldn’t have gotten any work to do. Or he might have become a pawn of the Yakuza, which Pochita killed any chances of happening.

8. Katana Man

katana man

The Devil Human Hybrid known as Katana Man, or more commonly known as Samurai Sword, is a menace to society unlike anything else. He is personally responsible for the hardest blow that our team of heroes has faced so far. In fact, you could say he was the main antagonist of the very first season, and we only get to see how much terror can be spewed into the hearts of talented fighters such as Denji, Power and even Aki.

The season ends with the Devil Hunters battling hard against Katana Man. I won’t spoil it for y’all, but let’s just say that Katana Man’s nuts are in hell of a lot of trouble.

7. Kobeni


Kobeni is a devil hunter who simply wanted to provide for her family, which is why she joined the incredibly life-threatening and terrifying life of the devil hunter organization. Now that she was in, though, she became a part of the team quite quickly. Although, she was held back quite massively because of her scaredy-cat personality. However, once the squad had that battle with the Yakuza and Katana Man, Kobeni kind of lost her sense of self.

She turned into a psychopathic killer with a knife that cut sharper than anything else. Kobeni’s got the killer instinct inside of her, and it’s just started to pop out in front of our eyes. It’s safe to say that her development is about to be phenomenal in the coming seasons, that much is for sure.

6. Himeno


Himeno is a devil hunter with a quirky personality and a knack for mischief. Himeno has been a super close friend of Aki’s and its hinted throughout the season that they used to have some sort of an ‘entanglement.’ In any case, she’s a lot like Aki but without the stoic personality, so she’s mainly responsible for bringing a sense of relaxation and unfiltered endearment to the series.

She brings a breath of fresh air to the series with her unpredictable behavior and unabashed honesty too. In fact, if you remember in season one, she almost took Denji to bed after throwing up in his mouth, which is the goofiest thing you’ll see in any anime, that much I can say with a guarantee. Plus, her obsession with snacks is relatable on a spiritual level.

5. Power


When it comes to Power, don’t let the name fool you. Power is not your average superheroine;in fact, she’s anything but that. This is our resident narcissistic devil with a tongue that is sharper than her bloodthirsty fangs. Power is a full on fiend, a devil with a no-nonsense attitude and a penchant for causing chaos and sipping on blood.

Power’s got a tough exterior, and she gives Denji a lot of thrashings throughout the series for his laid-back personality. However, she’s hiding a soft side inside, hidden deep under layers of devilishness that occasionally peeks out. She’s like a kitten pretending to be a lion, which is kind of ironic because she loves her kitten more than anything else. Her banter with Denji is comedic gold and provides a much-needed break from all the demon-slaying intensity of Chainsaw Man.

4. Kishibe


Not only is Kishibe Denji and Power’s mentor, but he’s the most seasoned veteran when it comes to Devil Hunting in the entire bureau. Think of Tony Stark’s charisma combined with Levy’s Titan killing skills, and you have Kishibe. The most powerful among the devil hunters, Kishibe exudes coolness like it’s an art form.

He’s got the experience, the skills, and that effortless charm that makes you want to be his sidekick just for the thrill of it. Plus, his fashion sense is on point – who knew demon slaying could look so stylish?

3. Denji


The protagonist, half-devil, half-human Chainsaw Man himself! Denji’s life revolves around paying off his deceased father’s debt by working as a devil hunter. He’s as down-to-earth as they come, and by down-to-earth, I mean he’d probably gnaw on a devil’s toenail if it meant a good meal. Unlike most anime protagonists, Denji’s motivations are simple, he wants nothing more than a good meal, a comfy bed to lay down in, and a woman to sleep with.

His simplicity makes him endearing, and makes him very different compared to most protagonists you’ll see in anime. Most protagonists in anime are usually losers you could relate to, but not Denji, he’s got way too much personality. Not to mention, his chainsaw abilities make him a force to be reckoned with.

2. Makima


Makima is the definition of mystery. She is an enigmatic woman, as mysterious as the Bermuda Triangle,with no clear indication of her true motives to be found anywhere. Is she a savior of human kind against the devils? or is the most sinister figure there is? No one really knows, and that’s what keeps us on the edge of our seats.

Not only is Makima Denji’s boss, but she is also his first and main love interest, at least when it comes to the adolescent’s most hedonistic desires. Makima holds an uncanny amount of power in the devil-hunting world;she can influence essentially anything, and her abilities are not something to scoff at either. The fact that she maintains a calm demeanor even in the most insurmountable odds makes her intimidating, interesting and her true motives keep us guessing more than a detective in a crime novel.

1. Aki


Aki is by far the most complicated character in this series, driven by a quest for revenge on the Gun Devil, he became a devil hunter to confront his tragic past. His only mission is to avenge his family, and he’s doing it with such conviction. Aki has a stoic demeanor, but that doesn’t mean he has completely shut himself off emotionally, in fact, he feels more than most characters in the world of Chainsaw Man. However, he is dedicated to his goal, and does not stop for anything in that regard. That is what makes him such a compelling character.

Plus, his weapon of choice is a Katana, along with his phenomenal Snake Devil, which is as deadly as it sounds. He’s the brooding type, but hey, every story needs a guy who looks like he’s contemplating the secrets of the universe while sipping on coffee and smoking a cigarette. He’s the one that you want to follow most in this series, trust me, it gets more interesting than you could ever imagine.

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