20 Games to Play With Stuffed Animals

It does not matter if your favorite cuddly friend is a bear, frog or bunny toys, there are many fun games that you can enjoy together.

These games are perfect for both children and parents who are young at heart. No matter what age we are, we can still enjoy a Teddy Bear’s Picnic and a game or two.

If you haven’t played games with your cuddly friends or plush toys for a while, let us remind you of the best games you can play together. These games are perfect for play dates,and children’s parties.

1. Catch The Stuffed Toys

Arrange the stuffed toys at a designated spot in the house. One parent calls out the name of a stuffed toy, and another parent competes with the child to grab it. The goal is to see who can grab it first, and in the end, it’s a competition to see who can grab the most.

This activity helps improve the child’s agility and responsiveness.

You can also purchase a mini claw machine to make this catch doll game even more fun.

mini claw machine

2. Stuffed Animal Musical Chairs

Yes, there is a human version of this game, but why not have fun playing it together with your cuddly friend?

Simply group chairs together in the middle of the room or garden, and walk around them with your cuddly friend. When the music stops, place your plush toy in a chair.

The winner is the one who places his toy in a chair first.

You can also play this game in another way. This involves having fewer chairs than players. The players left standing with their soft toys when the music stops are the ones who lost the game.

3. Stuffed Animal Hop

Both the parent and the child will hold the stuffed toy between their legs, jump from the starting point to the finish line. The first one to reach the finish line wins the game.When start to jump,make sure to catch the stuffed toy and prevent it from falling. This game helps improve the children’s physical coordination.

4.  Stuffed Animals Act It Out

Many animals are featured as cartoon characters in Disney and other movies.

If you are a fan of cartoons, you may know at least some of the top cartoon animal characters. Put a sticker on the animal with the characteristics of a cartoon character. Read them out, and see if the other players can guess the name of your character.

A referee presides over this game and has a list of all of the cartoon characters.

This is a fun game which can challenge both young and old brain cells.

5. Stuffed Animal Rescue

This is a more involved game and you may need to do a bit of role-play.

You can either divide the players into teams or use the game as a solo strategy game.

Set the scene by creating an emergency scenario and have the players in the game rescue the poor animal. It can be anything from a lost pet to a teddy stuck in a tree.

6. Throw Stuffed Animals

The parent and the little ones stand at opposite ends of the area. The parent throws the stuffed toy towards the child, who tries to dodge it. If the one gets hit by the stuffed toy, they switch positions, and the game starts again.

The Children also hold a empty basket and face to their parent,the parents tosses The parent tosses stuffed toys into the basket, kids move left and right ,catch the plush toys.

7. Adopt an Stuffed Animal

Adopt an Stuffed Animal is another great game for both young and old players. If you are trying to raise funds for a charity, this is a fun game to play. Of course, needless to say, you should never play this with real animals waiting for adoption.

Fill out adoption certificates for your soft toys and see if you can find the best new cuddly friend for you. When adults play this game for a charity, you can ask them to pay a small adoption fee. This helps you to raise money towards your charity in a fun way with everyone taking part and contributing.

8. Stuffed Animal Parade

Another fun game to play with stuffed animals. It is a really easy game to set up and play.

Plush toys of all kinds can take part in this game. Dress up your cuddly toys and go on a march with them. It does not have to be a long march.

Once again, this is a game set to music. March around with your cuddly friends, and when the music stops, a winner is picked by a panel of judges.

There should not only be prizes for 1st place. Make sure there are prizes for 2nd and 3rd as well as well as consolation prizes. After all, you don’t want anyone to leave the party feeling upset.

9. Pretend Vet Hospital

This is such a great game. If you would like to teach your little ones about different animals, playing Pretend Vet Hospital is a great idea. I used to love playing this when I was a young girl.

Maybe you are the proud owner of a white tiger. It could be that your tiger has been away from his home country for too long and picked up a cold. If so, he needs nursing back to health.

Your fox cub may need care and attention after playing too rough with his siblings. These are just two case scenarios that you can arrange.

This game makes a good game for a birthday party or kids’ play date. It is not a complicated game for mom to set up and keeps young people entertained for hours.

Having Mom present is a good idea as she may need to stick on a plaster or two. She may even have to help to blow a bear’s nose!

A variation of a Pretend Vet Hospital is Teddy Bear Hospital. This game lets you nurse all of your poorly teddy bears back to good health. A fantastic game if you like rehoming pre-loved teddy bears.

10. Teddy Bear Picnic

Parents and their children can organize a teddy bear picnic,Children bring their favorite teddy bears or stuffed animals along with them, hold this party in the yard, garden,park,and prepare the snacks,sandwiches,fruits,inviting other children to join in the picnic. This themed party helps children to improve soical skills.


11. Stuffed Animal Drawing

Give your little ones one piece of white paper and a colored pencils,encourage the children to draw adorable plush animals,or natural things like grass, sky, flowers, and trees,they can draw the wonderful world in their imagination.Parents may also ask the children to create their own plush toys and color it as they wish.

12. Feet Toss

The children lie on a soft mat, bend their legs, lift their feet backward, and place the stuffed toys near the head.This game helps strengthen children’s core and leg muscles.

13. Pass The Stuffed Animals

The children sit back to back, passing the stuffed toys to each other, increasing the speed to enhance their reaction skills

14. Toss and Catch Stuffed Animals

The children stand at fixed positions to throw hoops forward,if the toys inside the hoop,the winning is achieved.

Set a longer distance for throwing the hoops to enhance the difficulty of the game.

15.Carry The Stuffed Animals

The children and parents sit on the ground together, facing up with their hands behind their bodies, using their knees to hold the toys,or carrying the stuffed toys with their bodies,or holding the toys back to back.Then, they move forward, and the first one to reach the finish line wins. If the toys fall to the ground, they will return to the starting point,

This game strengthens arm muscles and improves coordination.

16.Stuffed Animals Travel

Take your favorite stuffed animals to on a trip,you can take photo with them,the young guys like to travel with their favorite plush toys such like giant Bear,hello kitty,mify rabbit,kermit frog ,and share the photos to the friends.

The teddy bear or other stuffed animals will come back with photos of different buildings, landscapes, and people. That will be a good memory of happy times!

17. Stuffed Animal Storytime

Design props and scenes related to the story, such as bringing a few animal hand puppets to act out storylines. Some children enjoy pretending to be knights and princesses, little heroes going on adventures, or police officers catching villains. Through role-playing, children not only enhance their imagination and storytelling skills but also improve memory and organizational abilities. It’s an enjoyable game that combines learning with fun.

18. Stuffed Animals Sliding

Materials: One small tabletop, several stuffed toys, one small basket, one large basket.


Prepare a small tabletop and set it up at an incline. The parent stands at the higher end of the tabletop, holding stuffed toys. The child is positioned at the lower end with a small basket, and get ready to catch the toys. The parent releases the toys, allowing them to slide down the tabletop, and the child moves the basket to catch the toys. Initially, start at a slower pace to make it easier for the child to catch the toys,then speed it up to enhance the fun and playability.

19. Stuffed Cube Dice Game

You should have a plush dice toy to assist at first.With this soft plush dice,Children and their friends could play board games.or mathematics games.Toss the dice plush to excrcise the hands and eyes when playing board games.

20. Stuffed Animals Zoo

The children have many plush animal toys. Use cages to separate and classify them. The children take on the role of caretakers to look after these adorable little creatures.

Game Tips:

  1. Before the game, please select multiple plush toys for your child, ranging in size from large to small, to increase the game’s complexity and challenge. Ensure the game area is clear and safe.
  2. During the game, teach your child some simple self-protection methods. For example: after jumping, bend the knees to cushion the landing to prevent joint injuries. In case of accidental falls, try to fall on the side, use the arms for support, and protect the head. When throwing toys, avoid aiming for the head, and try to avoid collisions with others or furniture while running or jumping.
  3. To encourage your kids to persist in completing challenges.
  4. When the game is over, you can play soothing music and do some relaxation exercises. At Last, ask your child to help you tidy up the play area together.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our games to play with stuffed toys should keep you busy and inspire you. These games are perfect for many different occasions. If you are having a Teddy Bear picnic, it is also fun to have games to play.

Our games are easy to adapt to fit events. Why shouldn’t your favorite cuddly friend be part of your life and join in with activities?

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