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Miffy Head Cushion Pillow Size 40/65cm

This miffy head cushion is made of soft plush fabrics, it is absolutely safe and comfortable when people are cuddling up with it, napping, watching TV, or playing as a pillow. The miffy head pillow cushion has two sizes 25*40cm,45*65cm. It is the ideal gift for celebrating children’s birthdays, or Children’s Day, Easter Day, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas Day.

miffy head cushion

Miffy Origins

Miffy was created by Dutch artist Dick Bruna, who drew it in1955. The original Dutch name is “Nijntje”, which means”little rabbit”.The artist drew Miffy Cartoon book with simplistic lines, each page of stories book contains one illustration and four lines of verse. At the beginning, Dick Bruna inspired this creative idea by the little rabbit onto the dunes, so its image which has two dots eyes was original from a little rabbit.

Miffy and Hello Kitty

Children ages around 5-6 years can easily copy and draw Miffy or Hello Kitty illustrations,Sometimes, Miffy is assumed to be a Japan Character owing to they are using a similar line style and featured symbols.

The cartoon character Cathy rabbit was created by Sanrio (left image ) as one of a friend of Hello Kitty in 1974, Cathy and Miffy are almost the same. The Court in Amsterdam filed a suit against Sanrio company, which was suspected to infringe the rights of Miffy. Finally, Sanrio ceased to use Cathy character,and the lawyer agent of Dick Brun and Sanrio Company reached an amicable settlement, they decided to donate the money to the reconstruction and recovery of Japan.

Miffy character was hot in Japan market since it was introduced by Sanrio company in1999,Licensed Miffy merchandise sales revenue reached $330 million at that time.Meantime,Hello kitty brand was promoted successfully in the market, Nevertheless, Dick Brun disliked Hello Kitty and viewed it as a copy of miffy The miffy series products include toys,books,home furnishings such as pillows, cushions, stationery etc.

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