How to Make the Naruto Hand Signs And NinJutsu

The most keypoint of Naruto is Ninjutsu,we can not help to envolve around the magic ot Ninjutsu,Ninjutsu need to use seals to transform the refined chakras into “spells” and release them. This process requires a calm heart to ensure the correctness of the seal, as well as proficient skills to ensure that no mistakes can be made in the seal. Any negligence can result in the failure of the spell or a decrease in its power, wasting the chakra. Different ninjutsu techniques have different ways of binding. Generally speaking, the larger and more advanced the ninjutsu, the higher the requirements for the method and speed of the binding.

These gestures come from the twelve earthly branches of Chinese zodiac, the most common of which is the Chinese zodiac sign, which includes the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Hare, Dragon, Serpant, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Bird, Dog, and Boar.Now,we share the most hand signs from Naruto,read the following.


Clench your fist with your right hand, extend your left index and middle fingers, hold your four fingers on your left index and middle fingers, and place your thumb on top.


The fingers of the right hand are horizontally spread out, the index and little fingers of the left hand are perpendicular, and the other fingers of the left hand are crossed with the right hand, presenting a horizontal shape.


The index fingers and thumbs of the left and right hands are perpendicular, and the hands are crossed and closed.


With the exception of a straight little finger on the right hand, the other four fingers lightly clench their fists. The left thumb and index finger extend at a 90 degree angle, and the little finger on the right hand is pressed against the outer side of the left thumb.


Extend the thumbs and little fingers of the left and right hands, fit them together, cross the other fingers of the left and right hands, turn the elbows outward, and the crossed fingers face outward.


The fingers of both hands cross and close, with palms facing each other, resembling a prayer gesture.


The index fingers of both hands are facing each other, forming a triangle. The thumb and other fingers are folded, and the backs of the left and right hands are facing outward.


The index and ring fingers of both hands are pointing vertically upwards, with the other fingers of the left hand closed and resting on the other fingers of the right hand.


Cross the left thumb and right little finger, with the left hand below the right hand.


Pay attention to keeping your thumbs together, keeping your left and right little and middle fingers together, and crossing your other fingers.


Clench your fist with your right hand, spread out your left palm, and place your right hand below your left palm.


Grasp with both hands, presenting a fist shape, with both wrists close together and bent downwards.

The Power Of Naturo Ninjutsu

Water Release Ninjutsu

Water Dragon Bullet Technique is an advanced Water Release ninjutsu used by Kakashi during his battle against Zabuza. The hand seal sequence is “丑-申-卯-子-亥-酉-丑-午-酉-子-寅-戍-寅-巳-丑-未-巳-亥-未-子-壬-申-酉-辰-酉-丑-午-未-寅-巳-子-申-卯-亥-戍-未-子-丑-申-酉-壬-子-亥-酉”. Within 10 seconds, complete the hand seals, infusing chakra into water. This water release ninjustsu is considered to be the hardest in the naruto.Condense water into the form of a dragon to attack enemies, capable of being expelled directly from the mouth. Mastering this seal qualifies one as a competent ninja. Can you perform it within 10 seconds? Trying it out, my hands almost cramped up.

water release ninjutsu

Summoning Ninjutsu

The Summoning Jutsu is a space-time ninjutsu that can summon creatures bound by a blood contract and retrieve objects stored elsewhere. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Kabuto used this jutsu to summon the Impure World Reincarnation army.The hand signs sequence is”亥-戌-酉-申-未”,complete the signs within 3 seconds.

Fire Release Ninjutsu

It’s a ninjutsu used by Itachi Uchiha,you can spit out a very stylish look and unleash a blazing fire. It’s an upgraded version of Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique, capable of transforming flames into a fire wall to attack enemies, with terrifying power. The hand seal sequence is: “子Ne – 丑Ushi – 戌Inu – 午Uma – 申Saru – 亥Hai – 寅Tora”. The hand seals and stylish pose must be completed within 5 seconds, otherwise, the fire cannot be expelled.

fire release ninjutsu

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