How to dry plush toys quickly and efficiently

Covin-19 had changed the life of most people in the world, it is important to clean the stuffed animal and plush toys regularly for a family.

After washing stuffed toys, your child can not wait too long to play with them, but they are still getting wet, so you must dry plush toys in quick and easy method.

Firstly,You should read the instructions tag on plush toys.For most stuffed animal and plush toys, it is necessary to follow the washing label, the instructions will mention you how to dry plush toys in a right way.It is better to squeeze slightly wet plush toys in a dry towel.Then,Place the plush toys on the drying rack for air dry.Brush the plush slowly if needed,make the fur fluffy again.Avoid hanging the huge size toy while the stuffed toys are contained more moisture,because its heavy weight cause the deformation.

Air Dry is the best way to dry plush toys. it will take a few hours, you should check the stuffed toys whether it becomes furry timely.If you must use a dryer or heater to save time, you should dry the plush toys in low or medium heat.Put the stuffed toys in a zip bag in advance to washing to protect the parts.
Considering some special plush toys made of delicate materials, glued parts,electronic components ,do not dry them with hair dryer or heater,an ancient stuffed toys may be better to hand wash,it will not damage the toys.

Sencondly,If the toys are very dusty,it is possible to have fleas,even pathogenic bacteria,you had better dry the stuffed toys under high temperature at least 140°F for 10 minutes,dryer machine,microwave oven,hairblower will do the work,but this will damage the toys,Heating methods like a dryer, microwave, or hairdryer can help eliminate these pests, but be careful not to damage the toys,Check the care instructions provided by the manufacturer before using heat, as some fabrics can’t handle high temperatures.Remind these tips, you can thoroughly clean stuffed toys and extend their lifespan.

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