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The axolotls minecraft will become the first amphibian in the history of Minecraft, which is a memorable and historically changing creature. This also means that salamanders can survive on land.Its health is 14, and its attack damage is 2. There are five available variations in Minecraft, including pink, brown, gold, purple, and blue.

The axolotl, with over 30 different species worldwide, which are its greatest charm as this hexagonal dinosaur.Their habitats are being massively developed by humans,and pushing them to the brink of extinction.

Why does the player collect the axolotls in Minecraft?

Because this axolotl helps the player to explore the underwater world, the player can stroll this axolotl, such as walking the dog. It helps the player attack the monster underwater, and protect the player from living threats. On more thing,In Minecraft, the axolotl enters a fake death state when damaged and recovers its health slowly on its own.The Minecraft Axolotl is one of the favorite characters of Minecraft fans.

Fighting Guards:The axolotls can be scooped up into a bucket, and start feeding them with the tropical fishes in a bucket, if you want to conquer the underwater world in Minecraft,  you can make the axolotls spawn to have a big Minecraft axolotl army, then carry the buckets, and release the axolotls, they will follow you and kill any enemy for you in sight.

Gain BUFF: The tamed axolotls also have a chance to apply a “health recovery” effect to the player. In this comparison, Minecraft’s dog instantly lost its scent. Dolphins also have the ability to gain buffs, but dolphins can make players swim faster. And axolotls can restore life, it is currently unknown how to trigger the buff effect.

Where can you find axolotls in Minecraft?

The Minecraft axolotl is used to living underwater and can not last long on land, The axolotl is an aquatic cave animal. they only spawn in darkness (level0). They generally spawn in a group of 4-6 mobs in each edition, the axolotls have the full chance of spawning in lurch carve. There are several blocks of roofing over their habitat area. It will be crawling slowly on land, Always keep on searching for the water source. So the player needs to avoid drying them out for more than five minutes. The player tries to collect the Minecraft axolotl, only to feed it a bucket of tropical fish.After finding the axolotl, use an iron bucket filled with water and right-click on the axolotl to tame it.

axolotls minecraft cave

In Minecraft, the axolotl will play dead when they encounter a threat, it is the perfect tactic to avoid preying. After playing dead, it’ll no longer be targeted by monsters, there may be a state of invisibility, and the salamander will gain” life recovery”, and health will slowly increase. It’s so amazing!

What is the rarest axolotl in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, there are five different colors and decorations of Axolotl: blue, pink, brown, green, gold, and blue axolotl is the rarest creature in Minecraft, with a probability of 0.083%. All axolotls have common behaviors and features, even the blue axolotl.

minecraft axolotls color variations

How to feed Minecraft axolotl?

The axolotl only eats live tropical fish in buckets. Therefore, you first need to catch tropical fish and then feed them to the axolotl. However, you cannot simply throw the tropical fish into the water to feed them, as the axolotl will attack and kill them. They won’t eat the tropical fish that way. You need to directly hold the bucket of tropical fish and right-click on the axolotl to feed it.

You can use a fishing rod. Alternatively, you can craft a boat, then head to the central ocean and use buckets to find and catch them . If you don’t like water, make sure to craft potions of water breathing beforehand.

How can you breed axolotls in Minecraft?

When two Axolotls are brought near each other, each of them can be fed one bucket of tropical fish, causing them to enter ‘Love Mode’. This will give birth to little baby axolotls, and the baby axolotls will become fully grown after 20 minutes. As Axolotls are oviparous, they can lay eggs in one go, with quantities ranging from 100 to 400. Minecraft fans consider these newborn Axolotls as part of their navy troops.

You can pick up the axolotls with a bucket and take them where you want to go.If you wanna a blue axolotl in Minecraft game,there is only 1/1200 possibility of blue axolotls after breeding,it is a difficult task in normal way.Or You can input differenct command line in every version of Minecraft,Input /summon minecraft:axolotl ~ ~ ~ {Variant:4}, For details ,click here to view more info.


To feed each axolotl, use two buckets of tropical fish, one for each axolotl.

If you want to speed up the growth of young axolotls, you can feed them several buckets of tropical fish.

In general, the Axolotls are really cute and mysterious creatures. Even though they’re threatened with extinction, they’re still really sneaky and have unique self-healing abilities. Fans love them! Fortunately, our shop can supply axolotl plushie toys for Minecraft fans.


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