A Unique Pig-By Wangxiaobo

A Unique Pig


When I was living in the country, I fed the pigs and cattle. Without interfering, the two kinds of animals could know how to live. They would be wandering freely, eat food when hungry and drink when thirsty, falling in love when the spring is coming; Therefore, they lived a low-level life, and it is completely boring. People arranged their life: every cattle and pig has the main task of life. As far as most of them are concerned, life is miserable: the former is hard-working, and the latter is getting fatter. I don’t think it is worthy of complaint, because my life doesn’t seem to be colorful as theirs, no any entertainments, except watching the eight mode operas, There is another living way for only a few cattle and pigs. For example, besides eating, the boar and sow had other things to do. In my view, they didn’t like the assignment. The boar’s duty is to intercourse, in one word, our policy allowed them to be playboys. However, the tired boars often act as a meat pig(which was castrated ), would rather not jump on the back of the sow. The duty of the sow is to give birth to little guys, but sometimes, they will eat the piglets.

In general, the arrangement from human brings pain to the pig, but they suffer it, pig is always the pig.

Setting the limit to life is a special character of humans,not only for animals, but also for themselves.

As is known to all, there is a place called Sparta in Ancient Greece.life was made ordered and boring, all the intentions are that men were going to be warriors until they died in the battle,and women had no choice but be bearing machines.The former is like cockfight,while the latter sow.they are extraordinary animal,but they definitely don’t like their life in my opinion.
Nevertheless,It is hard to change their fates for both mankind and animals.

The following story is about a unique pig, He was five years old when I started to raise him.

He is a meat pig, but slim and dark, there is light in both eyes. This guy was swift as a goat, skipped the 1m height of pig sties. and jumped on the top. He was always wandering everywhere like a cat, no longer staying in the pig sty.

Every young man who bred the pig treated him as a pet,because he only showed friendly to the feeder, which can get close to them in the range of 3 meters, and ran away if strangers tried to get close. He is male but had never been castrated. He can smell the danger once you hid the knife on your back, and roared to you, gazing eyes at you.

There are many sows in pig sties, but was deformed by over pregnant, either dirty or odor, he was uninteresting to them. The sows in wild villages seems to be more beautiful. There are lots of stories about this unqiue pig, but I knew little and could not write more.
In short, every young feeder loves him, likes his extraordinary style, and says that this pig lives a natural and unrestrained life. The farmers do not think so, they consider it is an unserious pig. The leader of the production team hates this pig, but I respect him , call him“Pig Brother”. As previously mentioned, this special pig can intimate sounds, I thought he had learned the human voice, even though failed, we can talk freely if succeed, it is not his fault, there are so many difference between the sound of a pig and human.
Later, Pig Brother learned to speak steam whistle,which caused some trouble for him. There was a candy workshop, the workers shifted at noon once the steam whistle was blowing. Our production team went to the farmland, and will be back till hearing the whistle. Pig Brother jumped on the roof, and learned to blow the whistle at 10’o clock every morning. The team went back from the farmland, half an hour earlier than the whistle of the workshop. Frankly speaking, you can not blame Pig Brother, he is not a steam boiler, his sounds varied from the real whistles, but the farmers can not identify the difference. The leader of the production team held a meeting, considered Pig Brother as an enemy that broke the spring plowing. would perform a special domain and control on him. I knew the spirit of the meeting, but I do not worry, If dictatorship means knife and ropes, that is all in vain. The former leader had tried these ways, and Pig Brother can not be captured by one hundreds of people, even with help of the dog, He ran out like a torpedo, hitting the dog 3meters away. This time the political instructors organized over 20 persons equipped with pistols, and the deputy conducted a dozen persons, aimed with fire rifles. Try to catch him in the yard out of pig sty branched two teams. That resulted in conflict in my heart. I should take two knives, and fight with Pig Brother together, based on our friendship, meanwhile, I feel that is extraordinary behavior,Afterall, he is a pig;Furthermore, I can not fight against the the leader. This is a basic problem. Anyhow, I watched alongside the spot, and admired the courage and calmness of Pig Brother: He avoided the line between the pistols and rifles, in spite of barking dogs and yelling people, never left that line. In this way,People handed pistols could shoot someone armed with rifles,and vice versa. Shooting meantime by both sides, both of them will be shot down.
As for Pig Brother, have no business owing to his small aim, ran several circles, escaped from a gap, he walked away freely. Then, I saw him in a sugar cane field, he recognized me, grew up the teeth, but can not gel close to me, that is heartbreaking, in spite of this, I agreed for keeping away from people who have an evil mind.

I always feed him with refined rice congee till he is full, and then feed other pigs with the leftover congee mixed with the weeds. The other pigs were jealous and cried with disappointment, but we didnot care. He jumped into the roof to enjoy sunbath, or imitated every sound. He learned to the whistles of cars and tractors, that is very similar to real voice; Sometimes, he disappeared, he used to go out for dating with other sows by my estimate.

I had been Forty years old, except for this pig, and never find someone does not care about the limit of life. On the contrary , there are too many people who want to work out others life,  besides, someone regarded assigned life as usual.

So, I always miss this unique pig.

brown piggy stuffed animal
brown pig stuffed animal

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